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Behind the Bible

Behind the Bible: A Primer in New Testament Textural Critism

Jeffrey D. Johnson

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112 Pages


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One of the most difficult areas of Biblical study is the matter of textual criticism, which is the analysis of the ancient manuscripts of the Bible in their original languages in order that we might be certain of the reading of the Biblical text. Obviously, this is not something which can be done with perfection, but Jeffrey Johnson has in this book, titled Behind the Bible, shown not only how it is done, but also that it can, when done properly, arrive with a great certainty of the original Biblical text. In a day and age when many are producing various translations of the Bible, and when one might wonder about the trustworthiness of some of the translations, here is a book which covers many of the questions one might have concerning how the work of textual criticism is to be done in a proper manner in order to find the original reading of the Biblical text. This book, because of its clarity and helpfulness in the area of textual criticism, is a must reading for all pastors and students of the Bible of our day! Richard Belcher Sr. 

Jeffrey Johnson has provided a helpful and clear discussion on the key issues behind the "whys" and "wherefores" of how we got our New Testament text. In light of the frontal assaults upon the integrity of the text of the New Testament pervasive in our day, it is important for believers to have a knowledge of these matters, and Johnson's work is a useful addition to the introduction available on the subject. James White