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The Church: Why Bother?



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In the Foreword he wrote for The Church: Why Bother?, Dr. Richard Belcher states, “This is the day and age of lawlessness and looseness both outside of God’s church and inside as well.” How heart-breaking, yet, how true. Everywhere we look these days, it seems there are “churches,” gatherings in the name of Jesus Christ, that more closely resemble the sinfulness of the unbelieving, Christ-rejecting world than the Lord and Savior who purchased His beloved church with his death and atoning blood. Today, more than ever, is a clear need for Christians to understand the naturepurpose, and functions of the local church.

The Church: Why Bother? provides clear biblical instruction upon...

1. The NATURE of the Local Church versus the emphasis some place on the facilities wherein congregations gather.

2. The PURPOSE of the Local Church in standing firm for the truth and fostering unity and community in the pursuit of purity and holiness.

3. The CULTURE of the Local Church in its motives and motivations versus minimizing the holiness of God’s people and the unholiness of the world.

4. The ACTIVITIES of the Local Church in our worship of God through preaching the Word, prayer, fellowship, ordinances and song versus a focus and emphasis on programs.

5. The WORSHIP of God in the Local Church with attention to God through Christ as opposed to an emphasis upon self; of striving for biblical regulated worship in our services than a free-for-all that falls far short of the glory of God.

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This excellent book shines the clear light of Scripture on those and many other questions. Since Christ loved the church enough to die for her, every believer ought to share that passion. Jeffrey Johnson clearly does, and I believe you will find his enthusiasm contagious. —John MacArthur

Jeffrey Johnson offers a concise, sobering, and eye-opening message for a generation in need of ecclesiological reformation. Johnson addresses the issues we face today, and roots them in their historical/theological context. —Voddie Baucham Jr

Jeffrey Johnson has written a book on the church that is short enough to read right now, clear enough to be understood and important enough to help many of us follow Jesus Christ as He intended—as members of His church.  Why not read it now? —Mark Dever

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Jeffrey Johnson strips away layers of human tradition and worldly-wise philosophy to restore our view of the church to its biblical simplicity. In this book the church shines!   —Joel R. Beeke